Art Studio

Memories in the making

Our First Light Social Club participates in "Memories in the Making" - a program of creative art expression under the guidance of an "Artist in Residence" specifically trained by the Alzheimer's Association of Orange County, California to work with people having dementia.

Art is a powerful tool in dementia care, as the process allows people to express their creativity. But more importantly, creating art provides structure and support while at the same time stimulating the brain to allow each individual to create his or her own message on the paper. 

It is not unusual to see painted memories from long ago or paintings which depict something that seniors with dementia can no longer find the words to express. 

Through the process of painting, these individuals are able to express themselves to their families, their caregivers and to the public who are often touched by the tangible evidence of what remains of the individual even after the disease has robbed them of so much.

"Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story" -Don Miguel Ruiz