Kitchen Facilities

Cooking with Dementia

We’ve found that a lot of the club members at First Light Social Club enjoy helping in the kitchen. We make delicious vegetarian food with the club members daily and we’ve seen positive responses from our club members as they are able to continue participating in activities that were once enjoyable. 

Participating in the hustle and bustle of cooking in the kitchen, even if they’re not in charge of preparing the entire meal, can bring a sense of familiar comfort to those suffering from dementia who once prided themselves on their culinary skills.

Cooking is one activity that fits into the Montessori methodology and allows dementia sufferers to connect with the world around them. Studies show that two one-hour cooking sessions weekly over a four-week period resulted in improvement in average behavioural and distress levels.


We allow our club members to get involved in any way they can with the presence of a staff member. This could be from chopping vegetables or other simpler activities such a setting the table, loading the dishwasher, or serving the meals to the club members.