Our Mission Is..

  • to provide person centred care for people with dementia
  • to focus on maintaining, supporting, and/or restoring the independence of the person living with dementia
  • to provide a safe and homelike environment for people in our care
  • to provide quality care to people with dementia regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation and religious affiliation
  • to provide care which draws on the best research and practice from around the world
  • to develop strong bonds with family members of those living with dementia and to promote inclusiveness
  • to collaborate and create partnerships with others working in the field of dementia care
  • to contribute to the education of caregivers on beneficial approaches and strategies in the care of people with dementia

Our organization continues to grow in our mission of providing holistic, quality care in an environment residents can enjoy spending their time and where staff and volunteers find true meaning in their work.

First Light Social Club Society is operated as a non-profit society offering services in early to mid-stage dementia care.