Benefits for the Person

Our programmes create routines and daily expectations. We have seen a notable difference in our club members from the beginning of their enrolment to now. They have improved their well-being by the social interactions they have with other club members. We have helped preserve their independence and created stimulating and meaningful activities for their visits.

An average day may look something along the lines of:


  • Arrival and introduction 
  • Tea and coffee
  • Reading of a short story (2 – 5 pages)
  • This week in history and discussion
  • singing and music listening
  • breathing and exercise program


  • Branch off into groups and explore the art room, games room, kitchen, virtual reality, iPad applications


  • Lunch 


  • Afternoon activity - this could either be a visit to a museum, art gallery or many other interesting sites. Weather permitting we will have outdoor walks for those mobile enough. We can also play a movie or host a guest performance on rainy days


  • Return to the house
  • Refreshments


  • Club members to be picked up