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Exercise has positive benefits for everyone, including people with dementia

Physical activity improves heart health, maintains strong muscles and flexible joints, helps to keep bones strong, improves cognition, improves sleep, provides opportunities for social interaction and improves mood.
Besides gardening, chair exercises and "chair dancing", the best exercise for someone with dementia is walking because it can be done according to one’s own abilities and at one’s own pace. 

At First Light Social Club...

  • Weather permitting, and depending on abilities, we encourage everyone in our group to head outside for a good walk in either our nearby forest trails, nature reserve or even further afield.
  • We make sure that our walking partners/support leaders consider the abilities individuals have before choosing a walking trail. We check the intensity of the trail to make sure that it's suitable. Some trails are paved (Mill Lake) and some are gravel (Willband Creek Park)
  • We keep watch of the weather conditions. If it has rained recently, or if there is rain in the forecast, the ground may be wet and not suitable for walking that day.