Meaningful Activities

Stimulating the brain

Normally associated with children, it may come as a surprise that Montessori methods and activities can be highly effective in supporting people with dementia. 

Leslie comes from over 25 years working as a principal and owner of a Montessori school in Langley. She brings her experience from that time and tailors it to each individuals needs, interests, skills and abilities. 

In a Montessori-based community, individuals do as much for themselves as possible, rather than having things done for them. The goal of our Montessori program is to support older adults and people living with dementia by creating a prepared environment, filled with cues and memory supports. 

Our programs are created based on individual needs, strengths, interests and abilities. We aim to provide activities that are meaningful to you, that will enrich your daily life and support you to remain as independent as possible.