Policies and Procedures

The First Light Social Club will not deny admission to anyone on the basis of race, sex, religion, colour, ancestry, or national origin. 

Admission requirements

All participants must:

  • be free of infectious or contagious diseases and should not have a medical condition which precludes regular participation in the program
  • be ambulatory and independent (walkers are OK)
  • be able to self-toilet (able to go to the restroom on their own)
  • be able to feed themselves
  • not wander off the premises
  • have the ability to take own prescription medicine with reminders and observation from staff
  • be non-combative
  • attend on a regular basis


Transportation to and from our program must be arranged by the participant. There is no public transit which stops near our centre. Handidart drop off and/or pickup may be arranged by the participant. 

Discharge Policy

A minimum of one (1) month written notice shall be given to a participant and his/her family or caregiver when the following occurs:

  • the participant refuses to cooperate with the program’s staff
  • the participant exhibits excessive, unexcused absenteeism or excessive late pick-ups

The immediate discharge (no notice) of an individual shall be given when the following occurs:

  • the condition or behaviour of the participant may lead to harm of themselves, to others or to the property
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during program hours
  • the participant has a prohibitive medical condition that no longer allows the individual to attend the program or renders the program ineffective for the individual


The program operates from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Participants may be dropped off at 10:00 and picked up no later than 3:00 pm or a late pick up fee will be charged (at the discretion of the program staff). A First Light Social Club staff or volunteer will stay with the participant and will charge $20 for each 30 minute or portion thereof until he/she is picked up.

Payment for services

Payment for services is made on a monthly basis and is payable on the first day of each month. One month’s notice is required if you intend to withdraw the participant from the program.


Bringing personal items to the program is discouraged and is done at the participant’s risk. First Light Social Club Society, staff or volunteers will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any cash resources, valuables, jewellery or personal property brought into the centre.


If possible, please adjust your medication schedule so medications are taken at home. In the case of a necessary prescription medication that must be taken during the program hours, staff will remind participants to take medication. 

Please bring only required dosages each day in the original prescription container (with the participant’s name, medication, dosage and doctor’s name). We ask that any medication brought onto the premises be given immediately to the program staff. We discourage participants from keeping medication on his or her person. 

Please do not send medications requiring needles.


Participants who arrive with or develop a communicable disease or illness such as vomiting, diarrhoea, rash or fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius are not allowed to attend the centre and must stay away until they are no longer contagious or until their symptoms subside. Any participant who becomes ill or injured at the centre must be picked up immediately.


In the event of an emergency, staff will call an ambulance to transport the participant to the hospital. All charges for services will be the responsibility of the participant. 

One or more persons listed on the emergency contact list will also be notified. It is important that we have a minimum of two current emergency numbers on file at all times.

Weather emergency

If the weather is too severe, for the safety of the staff, volunteers and program participants, we will close for the day. We will use the Abbotsford school closings as a guide. 

If it is necessary to close, we will not charge for that day. 


Smoking will not be allowed on or in the First Light Social Club premises. The use of any form of smokeless tobacco (i.e. Snuff/Vape) is prohibited.

Alcohol and controlled substances

No consumption of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substances (illegal drugs) will be allowed on or in the First Light Social Club facility or premises.



Application Form (pdf)