Our Staff

Meet our team members

Our staff have been specifically trained to care for the needs of adults with memory impairment, and receive ongoing education to ensure your loved ones will benefit from the latest and best practices in memory care.

Our team members love what they do. They are committed to caring with respect, dignity and compassion. They strive to minimize any frustrations, and create opportunities for personal success, that encourage positive emotions, and celebrate daily accomplishments.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to dementia care; we work collectively to tailor our support to fit each person’s individual needs.

All of our staff  have current criminal record checks. 

Leslie has her current Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED.

Ramsey and Leslie

Ramsey has worked both in nursing care at extended care homes and in a support role at the Medical Imaging Department in the Abbotsford Regional Hospital for about twenty-three years. 

Over his time at extended care homes and the hospital, Ramsey saw that our world is becoming an aging population and that there is an ever-increasing amount of people who have been diagnosed with dementia - with little to no assistance for their disease. 

Leslie has been a teacher, principal and founder of a Montessori school in Langley for 25 years. About 12 years ago she learned about the benefits of the Montessori methodology for people diagnosed with dementia, and the success that people with dementia were experiencing. 



Lady is our beautiful golden retriever and is by far the most popular staff member. 

She takes her role as client services liaison very seriously. Lady meets and greets our visitors in a welcoming and gentle manner at their arrival. 

Out of working hours, Lady enjoys walks down to the river, having her tummy rubbed and indulging in a range of different doggy treats. 

Lady always gives our guests a loving and warm welcome and she looks forward to seeing you soon. 



We have volunteers come work with us from all around the world. 

Each volunteer brings a different perspective, interest and skill set to the role and provide a lot of interesting stories from their travels. 

We have had musicians, nurses, artists and gardeners come help us which keeps our program fresh and introduces new ideas.